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  • 1. Is it necessary that the school be run by a Society or can it be run by an individual?
    You must run the school under a non-profit Trust (minimum 2 members) or Society (minimum 7 members). Although Our Pre-School, SHEFFIELD Stars can also be Started in Proprietor Mode.
  • 2. Does our Trust/Society need any experience in the education field?
    No prior experience is required, as our training and support programmes will provide you with all that you need to run your school.
  • 3. I currently own a school, but I am interested in turning it into a SHEFFIELD School so that I can benefit from your brand, systems, support and programming. Is it possible?"
    Absolutely possible. If you are interested in converting an operating school into SHEFFIELD School, simply get in Touch with Us. We have the Zero Royalty Mode for Existing as Well as New Franchisee.
  • 4. What would be the investment amount?
    The initial investment amount is decided after studying the potential of the area, the number of students the school is targeting and the fee structure that can be expected. Based on this, we do a reverse calculation to arrive at an investment amount. In addition, a certain amount has to be invested in advertising and for working capital for the first couple of years.
  • 5. Is it possible to start with a low investment? We are considering a low investment initially and wish to expand slowly based on the response.
    This is not possible because if you don’t invest properly upfront, people will return disappointed and later on, no matter how much you spend on advertising, people will not change their perception easily. Hence, it is important that when you launch the branch you create only that much hype or publicity, which you can fulfill. However, you can construct the school in phases, but whatever is constructed should be up to SHEFFIELD Standards.
  • 6. What is an ideal location for SHEFFIELD School? What is the criterion for approval of location?
    The branch can be situated at any good location where students can have easy access. For approval of location, there are various criteria that need to be fulfilled, such as the land size, accessibility, visibility, neighbourhood, lease rental to be paid (if leased), competition etc.
  • 7. Would you help in finding out a suitable place to start the school?
    Yes, once the agreement is signed, a site selection professional will work with you as well as with local brokers or developers to evaluate sites in your market and help identify the proper location for your new school.
  • 8. How much space is required and of what kind is required (Residential, Agricultural, Institutional or Commercial)?"
    Any type of land will do as long as it is allowed by the local civic authorities or the conversion is permitted.
  • 9. Is it compulsory that the land should be owned or rented?
    No, you may lease it. The lease has to be irrevocable and for minimum 30 years. For a Play School , although a Lease May be of Smaller Duration.
  • 10. Does the school require a licence? How can I get the recognition from CBSE board?
    The school will require recognition from the state government and the affiliation from CBSE. We shall guide you through the process.
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