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High fives. School spirit. Team pride. School-based sports programs can bring out noticeable positive reactions and behaviors in teens.

In addition to these social and emotional benefits, sports can also bring about intangible benefits to the school and community as a whole. “Sports also create important opportunities for students to contribute to the school community, which may cultivate an increased commitment to, or identification with, school and school values.” (Taliaferro, 2010)

Sheffield School has Tied Up with EDUSports in INDIA to Implement Sports Program in the School. The EduSports programme is implemented through the SOAR™ platform- India's first integrated school sports and physical education platform. The EduSports SOAR™ platform has different modules specifically designed to address the critical needs of schools, physical education teachers, parents and children for a 360 degree high quality learning experience.

The SOAR™ tools draw inspiration from globally accepted tools and standards- The curriculum is based on NASPE standards. The Assessment modules are bases on FitnessGram methodology. These tools are adapted to suit Indian conditions.







Cricket Player play
Kids Playing Soccer
Sheffield School India
Music & Dance


The School has Teachers for Music and Dance. 
Learn Piano, Jazz or Guitar. Hip-Hop or Freestyle.

Some of the Finest Talent of the Country. SHEFFIELD Students have won many Prizes at State, National & International Level Music and Dance Competitions.

Visual Arts


Learning in Visual Arts involves students making and responding to artworks, drawing on the world as a source of ideas. Students engage with the knowledge of visual arts, develop skills, techniques and processes, and use materials as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts.

Sheffield School India
Performing Arts


Integrating performing arts into educational experiences can help students learn other subjects, such as science, as well as help them develop various non-arts-based skills.As children grow, engaging them in performance arts can help them meet developmental milestones, including those for motor skills and psychosocial skills.Teachers can integrate performing arts and the discussion thereof into their classrooms to honor student self-expression. Bilingual youth can benefit from this type of Arts integration because it offers them modes of communication that can respond more easily to their culture and language than text-based or test-based learning.Regardless of language used, teachers have even found that using performing arts in the classroom, such as improvisational drama, can help students process and prepare for non-arts-based life situations, including Bullying

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