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                      “It Does not Matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”

For Opening a CBSE School, We need to Follow the CBSE Affiliation Guidelines. The Main Steps in Opening a CBSE School are as Follows -

  1. Register a Trust/Society/Section 25 company

  2. Purchase/Lease the adequate land( 1 Acre for Metro and 2 Acre for Non-Metro Cities) as required by CBSE.

  3. Get the Land use changed (CLU) to educational/instutional.

  4. Get Map Approved by The Regulatory Authority - Necessary for Bank Funding Also.

  5. Construct the School Infrastructure as per CBSE norms and guidelines

  6. Start recruiting Staff Members

  7. Start Marketing & The Admission Process in the School.

  8. Apply for recognition from the state government for atleast till class 5th

  9. Apply to the state government for NOC to apply to CBSE for Affiliation.

  10. Apply to CBSE for affiliation by 30th June of the Current session to be able to start Class IX in the Next Session

  11. The school, subject to fulfilling all CBSE norms should be granted permission to start grade 9th

  12. Start Planning and Developing infrastructure for Senior Secondary Approval from CBSE

  13. When the school starts Grade 10th- Apply to CBSE again before 30th June for upgradation of the school till Senior Secondary

Our Policy
  • To define appropriate approaches of academic activities to provide stress free, child centered and holistic education to all children without compromising on quality

  • To adapt and innovate methods to achieve academic excellence in conformity with psychological, pedagogical and social principles.

CBSE Affiliation Guidelines

CBSE Affiliation Guidelines and Bye-Laws are Available on the CBSE Website.

For More Details Click Here

The Link for receiving online application for Affiliation for every session expires on  30th June.

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